Neil Cavuto Slams Newsweek Over ‘Lazy Boy’ Trump Cover: ‘This Cover Is a Sin’


On Friday, Neil Cavuto ripped Newsweek for their latest cover depicting President Trump as a ‘lazy boy’, calling it “over the top.”

“I wouldn’t say representative all of mainstream media, this is a bit extreme- but this is an opinion piece that just bashes the president,” he began, “and six months into his presidency, seems to take the conclusion he’s a total disaster with little chance of turning things around.”

The Fox News host mentioned that folks expressed such doom six months into Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln‘s presidencies, clarifying that he wasn’t comparing Trump to them but scolded Newsweek by asking “Who are you to judge so soon? And exactly what litmus test are you using?”

He then slammed the article for comparing Trump to Al Bundy of Married… With Children fame for his “white discontent” as well as former President Warren Harding for being “not very bright.”

“For those of you who watch this show, I want to put this in perspective,” he continued, “The president––not a fan of the show and not a fan of me… but man oh man this is not fair, this is not balanced. We get into the good, we get into the bad… there’s plenty of time to do that… I figure there are a bunch of 24-hour cable news and business channels––we have an opportunity to get into issues like this––the good, the bad, and everything in between. That’s being fair and balanced. But would it have killed Newsweek to put that in perspective?”

Cavuto then listed Trump’s accomplishments, pointing to the latest job numbers, fallen unemployment, food stamp usage has gone down, reduced regulations, VA reform. and consumer confidence is at a 16-year high:

“As I said, we get into the good and the bad, but that’s not fair, that’s not balanced. And the media treatment that dismisses that and makes him look like a buffoon and furthermore calls him ‘lazy’ for a guy that gets up 2 or 3 in the morning… that’s not right! That is not right. If the same were said of Barack Obama or someone else, you’d be rightly enraged… We have to get this right!”

He went on to accuse Newsweek of “pretending” to be unbiased.

After discussing it with Steve Forbes, Cavuto wrapped up the segment with more thoughts.

“My only point, folks, is just to say is when you see this kind of stuff––and many in the media are claiming they’re being very, very fair about presenting him––that’s not right. Take it from someone who tries to look at the big picture here. That’s three hours a day to do just that on a network that has 24 hours a day to do that, rival networks that have the same, business networks that have the same, get into everything. But reducing the president to a cartoon figure because you simply don’t like the guy, that is wrong. That is insulting. This cover is a sin.”

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.

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