President Bush Called Putin “Cold-Blooded,” Exchanged Trash Talk Over Size Of Their Dogs

President George W. Bush‘s media tour for Decision Points is well into week #2, but there are still nuggets of under-reported new information that is emerging.

Like his “complicated relationship” with former Russian President Vladimir Putin – with two stories that would be great for the sequel to W.

The first, which he told this morning on Fox & Friends, involved their respective dogs. When Bush introduced Putin to Barney, “he kind of dissed him,” recalled the President. Later, when Putin showed off his dog to Bush for the first time, he made sure to add that his was “bigger stronger and faster than Barney.”

“You could argue that he changed,” said co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Because he was the first guy to call after 9/11 and he said ‘use our airspace. I’ll do whatever I can in Afghanistan.'”

Of course, that changed over time. “At the end of my administration, Russia had invaded Georgia and I was hot,” said Pres. Bush. At the Olympics in 2008, he and Putin ended up sitting next to each other. Bush said the conversation went like this:

I said Vladimir i’ve been saying President Saakashvili is hot-blooded. Putin looks at me and says, ‘I’m hot-blooded.’ I said no, Vladimir, you’re cold-blooded.

Oliver Stone, start your sequel. Here’s the interview today on F&F:

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