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Readers Sent The Washington Post Pizza Yesterday…

800px-Pepperoni_pizzaThis is pretty much the best show of gratitude one could possibly ask for. After a successful GoFundMe campaign, The Washington Post‘s newsroom was sent tons of pizza yesterday as a thank you for their “extraordinary work during the first weeks of the Trump administration.”

Kevin Austin, who started the GoFundMe wrote:

My goal is to show the Post and the Times that I appreciate what they’ve been doing the last few weeks, because they’re performing a historic service for all of us. They are not the only hard-working, courageous journalists in the country. Thousands work every day under extremely difficult circumstances, at small-town weeklies and big-city dailies. There are awards and paychecks and recognition, but many times those forms of compensation fail to match the level of dedication and sacrifice that goes into the work. The arc of print journalism in the last 20 years makes bigger heroes every day of those who carry on. Today, though, I’m feeling especially indebted to the newsrooms of the Post and the Times.

And, it was a lot of pizza:

The Post made a video to say thanks:

[featured image via Jon Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons]


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