WaPo Ed Board Rejects Pot Legalization, Is Not as Cool as NY Times Ed Board

The New York Times is officially your cool older brother establishment paper.

The Washington Post editorial board (yes, that one) published an editorial Sunday evening imploring voters to reject the district’s proposal to legalize marijuana. The board — which supports “the more cautious path” of decriminalization — cited some studies about the negative health effects on marijuana on The Youth, and a handful of unintended consequences of Colorado’s legalized weed “experiment.”

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This is in contrast with the Times’ editorial board’s call for a national legalization in July. The Times took a markedly different tone in its multi-part neon series, noting that the health consequences of pot were troubling but nothing out of the realm of those of alcohol and tobacco, and had a much different take on Colorado. (At least, those writers not named Maureen Dowd did.)

The biggest difference: the Times considered the deleterious effects of the Drug War, something missing from the Post’s editorial, as well as other Beltway-encrusted discussions on the subject.

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