Washington Post’s Milbank Ripped for Column Calling Bernie ‘Trump of the Left’: ‘A Complete Joke’


The Washington Post was criticized today in response to columnist Dana Milbank‘s op-ed labeling presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders “the Donald Trump of the left.”

He continued:

“Fundraising and polls show that many Democrats think the best answer to an angry old white guy with crazy hair, New York accent and flair for demagoguery is, well, another angry old white guy with crazy hair, New York accent and flair for demagoguery.”

When suggesting that Sanders and Trump share the ability to channel hate at a group of people, Milbank argued, “It’s less hateful, perhaps, to blame billionaires than immigrants or certain ‘globalists’ for America’s troubles, but the scapegoating is similar.”

Milbank — who notes at the end of the article that his wife works for Sanders’ Democratic primary opponent John Hickenlooper — took to Twitter to blame criticisms of his piece on “the vitriol and name-calling” of “the Bernie Bros.”

While the piece received a wholehearted endorsement from Milbank’s Washington Post colleague Jennifer Rubin, it was generally mocked online. Check out a few of the media reactions to the “lazy” column on Sanders and Trump’s shared “weird hair”:

Nina Turner, president of the pro-Sanders organization Our Revolution, and David Sirota, Sanders’ speechwriter, also slammed the op-ed on Twitter.

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