Laura Ingraham Mocks, Imitates Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Accent: ‘She Doesn’t Sound Like Minnesota’


Fox News host Laura Ingraham poked fun of Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s accent on the latest episode of her podcast.

During the episode of her personal podcast — which recently replaced her former syndicated radio show — Ingraham first called Omar a “freshwoman” before jokingly settling on “freshpeople.”

“The Freshpeople caucus — the freshman caucus includes Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Democrat from Minnesota, also trying to outdo — I think all of them are trying to outdo one another to be the radical It-girl of the moment,” Ingraham opined.

Ingraham then played a clip of Omar calling Trump’s wall “racist and sinful.”

“I join the similar calls made by my colleagues, and I demand that the president end his temper tantrums and quest for a racist and sinful big wall,” Omar said in the audio clip. “And I demand that he work with us to reopen the government before any more damage is done. Enough is enough. The American people deserve better.”

“She sounds like Rizzo on Grease, she doesn’t sound like Minnesota, that accent,” Ingraham said, before breaking out into a bad Omar-as-Rizzo impersonation that sounded oddly vampirish.

“I demand that you open the wall!” Ingraham imitated.

Ingraham’s guest Raymond Arroyo then countered Trump “wants to open the government” in spite of what Omar — and others’ — claim.

Omar came to the United States after escaping war-torn Somalia as a teen, and spending four years in a Kenyan refugee camp. She learned English by watching American television.

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