Matt Schlapp Bashes Conservative News Outlets For Insufficient Loyalty to Trump


CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp criticized conservative media outlets on Friday on Sebastian Gorka’s radio show for pushing “propaganda” against CPAC and President Donald Trump.

The segment began with Gorka praising the communications team at CPAC, billing their performance as “masterful,” while applauding Schlapp’s response to the attendee who tested positive for the coronavirus.

“I think that the biggest problem — it’s certainly a cancer — is the media’s attempt to slime and blame President Trump for everyone, to make everything a deplorable slur,” Schlapp said.

Schlapp then claimed an editor at a conservative outlet told him he was going to get “bad coverage” because he’s too pro-Trump.

“I actually had editors of conservative publications, one very prominent one, Sebastian, said to me, we know CPAC didn’t have an outbreak, and we know CPAC didn’t do anything irresponsible, but we’re going to give you a lot of bad coverage because you’re so pro-Trump that you deserve to have the good and bad because he’s the president at this time, he’s going to get the bad, and you’re going to get it too.”

“What…” Gorka reacted.

“I said to this person, That is propaganda, not journalism, and you really can’t call yourself a conservative or at least somebody that has any character or values,” Schlapp continued.

“We have too many publications on the right that are still trying to prosecute the case against Donald Trump,” Schlapp said while adding that fake news is a problem on the conservative side.

“I am speechless,” Gorka said.

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