WATCH: Tom Brady Throws Brutal Interception, a Temper Tantrum and a Tablet During Rare Shutout Loss


One of the rarest events NFL fans will ever see occurred Sunday night as the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers were shutout by the New Orleans Saints.

It was just the third shutout loss of Brady’s career and his first since 2006, breaking an unbelievable streak of 255 games. Reality for Brady appeared to set in after he threw a brutal interception late in the fourth quarter with Tampa trailing 9-0.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson turned on the jets and beat wide receiver Scotty Miller to Brady’s pass, icing the game for New Orleans and causing the Tampa Bay quarterback to throw a temper tantrum. Before stomping back to his own sideline, Brady took a pass by the Saints’ bench to deliver a message to someone.

Unofficial lipreaders of Twitter alleged Brady ran over to lash out at Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen with “GO F*CK YOURSELF B*TCH!’ Allen served as the Saints head coach Sunday night while Sean Payton was out with Covid. It’s hard to know exactly what Brady said to New Orleans, but it didn’t appear to be a cordial interaction.

After engaging with the Saints’ sideline, Brady pouted on Tampa’s bench and took his frustrations out on a Microsoft Surface tablet, firing it to the ground in what was unofficially his 46th pass of the night. The frustrated quarterback went 25-45 against New Orleans for 190 yards.

Shutout losses are something Brady is not used to. Throughout his more than two-decade long career, Brady has been much more likely to win an MVP or a Super Bowl than put up zero points in a regular season game.

Watch above via NBC

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