12 Years a Slave

Once Again, Race and Gender Factor into Everything, Including Oscar Snubs

Rush Limbaugh Compares Himself to Ellen DeGeneres

Who Thought This Awful 12 Years a Slave Headline Was a Good Idea?

NY Times Issues Spelling Corrections for 12 Years a Slave Article from 1853

Limbaugh: 12 Years a Slave Only Won Best Picture Because of ‘Magic Word’ in Title

Read the 1853 NY Times Piece on the Real Story Behind 12 Years a Slave

Fox & Friends Film Critic Snubs 12 Years a Slave, Says Don’t Pay Full Price to See Ride Along

‘Talk About 12 Years of Slavery…’: American Hustle Director on Jennifer Lawrence’s Career

Why Ani DiFranco Is Right and Black People Are Wrong

Drudge Reports Golden Globe Noms with Giant Headline ‘American Hustle: Slavery’

Ease Up on WaPo’s Richard Cohen, As of Last Week He’s Totally Down with Slavery Being Bad

The Butler Dominates Box Office in Second Weekend with $17 Million Haul

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