2012 Olympics

Oops: British Military Official Warns That It Will Take Them Two Years To Recover From The Olympics

Fed Up With Olympics, London Restaurateur Sends £90,000 Bill To Mayor Boris Johnson

Olympic Swim Teams Down $3000 Cocktails For Free

Local NBC Anchor Berates Bob Costas On-Air For Making Him Stay Late

WATCH: Joe Bastianich Liquors Up The Camera Guy On Today

Ryan Lochte Clarifies Mom’s ‘One-Night Stand’ Comments In Hilariously Awkward Interview

Last Call: Gabby Douglas, Olympic Champion and Face of Corn Flakes

Fox News Guest Is HORRIFIED That Olympic Athletes Aren’t Wearing Enough Red, White, And Blue!

Whoops! Did A Polo Player’s Bare Breast Just Show Up In NBC’s Live Olympics Coverage?

Sorry, Jamie Oliver: Olympic Swimmers Consider McDonalds Healthy

WATCH: Ryan Seacrest Hijacks Giada de Laurentiis’s Super Gooey Cheese Segment

Hanging Out: London Mayor Boris Johnson Gets Stuck On A Zip-Line

NBC Commentator Hilariously Changes Tune On Olympic Swimmer’s ‘Terrible’ Start (After She Wins The Race)

Jon Stewart Tears Apart NBC’s Olympic Edit, Links It To Romney Comments

Veteran US Olympic Swimmer Natalie Coughlin Raises Her Own Chickens

London Galling: The Upside To Mitt Romney’s UK Tri-Gaffe-Lon

How To Ruin An Olympic Opening Ceremony

Kelly’s Court Tackles The Case Of Greek Athlete Kicked Out Of Olympics For Racist Tweet

WATCH: Savannah Guthrie Snubs Fergus Henderson’s Michelin-Starred Blood Pudding

WATCH: Jamie Oliver Can Barely Contain His Olympic Excitement

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