CNN’s Toobin Regrets Being Too Tough On Hillary Clinton in 2016: ‘False Equivalence’ to Trump


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has expressed regret of how he personally covered Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Appearing on Larry Wilmore‘s podcast “Black on the Air” earlier this month, Toobin reflected on the “coordinated attack” from Republicans, specifically citing their push of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, and that some in the media, himself included, were guilty in playing along. He also dismissed the controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation as “bogus stuff.”

“And I hold myself somewhat responsible for that,” Toobin told Wilmore, in an interview flagged today by The Washington Post. “I think there was a lot of false equivalence in the 2016 campaign. That every time we said something, pointed out something about Donald Trump — whether it was his business interests, or ‘grab ’em by the p***y,’ we felt like, ‘Oh, we gotta, like, talk about––we gotta say something bad about Hillary.’ And I think it led to a sense of false equivalence that was misleading, and I regret my role in doing that.”

“Well, America says, ‘Apology accepted,’” Wilmore joked.

Toobin also weighed in on the evolution of the role the CNN hosts has in the era of Trump, agreeing with Wilmore that anchors have become more opinionated.

Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper express themselves in ways that anchors didn’t used to,” Toobin said. “Well, the biggest challenge I think is, you know, to remain interesting but not become, you know,  like a political caricature of yourself.”

He went on to describe the cable news forefront as the “conservative” Fox News, the “liberal” MSNBC, and the “boring” CNN, which Toobin added was not “good market positioning” and that under CNN President Jeff Zucker they’ve been able to have ” a little more voice” and “being more trustworthy” than their competitors.

Listen to the podcast above (the relevant part starts around the 54:30 mark), via Soundcloud.

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