alex Seitz-Wald

MSNBC Reporter: Clinton Email Probe Could ‘Completely Change the 2016 Contest’

Lanny Davis Explodes at MSNBC Anchor: ‘Hillary Clinton Did Nothing Wrong’

Why Liberal Humorist @LOLGOP Should Run for Congress

January Branded Christie as a ‘Bully,’ February Marked Hillary as ‘Ruthless’

MSNBC Panel Brawls Over Who to Blame for Obamacare Website Failure: Obama or GOP

Lawrence O’Donnell Unglued: Blasts Salon, Fellow MSNBC Hosts In Tirade Over IRS; Salon Fires Back

Salon Magazine, ThinkProgress Call Nearly 2/3rds Of GOP ‘Birthers,’ Embarrass Themselves

Matthews Accuses Romney Campaign Of Using Racial Code When Attacking Obama’s Changes To Welfare Reform

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