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Ann Romney: Muslim President ‘Might Happen’; Carson: I Certainly Hope Not

What Do You Get When You Cross Mark Halperin, Ann Romney, and Pilates?

What Did Ann Romney Mean When She Said She’s ‘Running Out of Time’?

Mitt Romney in 2016? ‘We Will See,’ Says His Wife Ann

The Vetting of Hillary Already Labeled ‘Sexist’ in the Media

Ann Romney Tells Piers Morgan About ‘Unfiltered’ Mitt in Lively Interview

WATCH: The Romneys Play The Newlywed Game on Rachael Ray, Are Just Like You

WATCH: Ann Romney Cooks on GMA to Promote Her Book, Prove She’s Just Like You

Last Call: This Is A Deer With A Bag Of Chips Stuck On Its Head

Ann Romney Takes On ‘Deeply Troubling’ Scandals On CBS: ‘Breach Of Trust’ Between Americans, Gov’t

Tagg Romney Tells Fox & Friends ‘Stupid And Cowardly’ Attack On Boston ‘Makes No Sense’

USC Professor Goes Off On ‘Stupid,’ ‘Racist’ ‘Losers’ in GOP: Advocates Suppressing GOP Votes

Media Interprets Mitt & Ann Romney’s ‘Bitter’ Reemergence In Exact Same Way They Did For John & Cindy McCain

‘Hard To Watch’: Morning Joe Takes On Romney Interview That ‘Reeks Of The Bitterness And The Regret’

Ann Romney: ‘I Am Happy To Blame The Media’ For Mitt’s 2012 Loss

Mitt Romney Gives First Interview Following ‘Roller Coaster’ Election: The ‘Ride’s Over’

Rachel Maddow: Tea Party ‘Has A Point’ Attacking Karl Rove’s PAC For Protecting Candidates GOP Voters Oppose

Massachusetts Republicans Want Ann Romney To Run For John Kerry Senate Seat

Mitt And Ann Romney Ate Boston Market Takeout For Thanksgiving

Mitt Romney Concedes Election: ‘I Pray The President Will Be Successful In Guiding Our Nation’

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