Ayn Rand

Justice League Director Zack Snyder Says Next Project Will Be an Ayn Rand Film Adaptation

How Corporate Media Morphed Paul Ryan From Radical to Reasonable

Paul Ryan Rebuts John Oliver, Says He Disagrees with Ayn Rand

A ‘Lost’ Ayn Rand Novel Has Been Discovered; It’s Based on an Ayn Rand Play

Get Ready to Go Galt: There’s Going to Be an Ayn Rand Musical

No, The Actual Libertarian Movement Didn’t ‘Go Nuts’ — It’s Just The One Inside Bill Maher’s Head

Bill Maher Trashes Libertarians: Movement Went ‘Nuts,’ ‘Intellectually Stuck In Their Teen Years’

Finally, Here’s The Hardcore Paul Ryan Rap You’ve Been Waiting For (Featuring Jesus And Ayn Rand!)

McLaughlin Group Debate Over Paul Ryan Descends Into Chaotic Shout Fest

Actor Rob Lowe Defends Ayn Rand In Wake Of Paul Ryan’s Admiration For The Philosopher

Judge Napolitano Brings In Science Historian To Explain ‘Why People Believe Weird Stuff’

Sign Of The Conservative Times: Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Know Who John Galt Is

The Tea Party’s Fahrenheit 9/11: What To Make Of The Atlas Shrugged Trailer

The Big News You Didn’t Read This Week: The Atlas Shrugged Film Trilogy

Mark Sanford on Ayn Rand in Newsweek: A Fountainhead of “Huh?”

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