Barney Frank

Barney Frank Praises Trump Over China Tariffs: He’s Doing ‘Exactly the Right Thing’

‘Please Go Away’: Barney Frank Has a Message For ‘Disaster’ James Comey

Maher on Trump Wiretapping Claims: ‘What Is the Proper Response to Insanity?’

Barney Frank: Scalia Was ‘Leading Advocate of Fag Burning, Not Flag Burning’

Sanders Camp Wants Hillary ‘Attack Surrogates’ Removed from Dem Convention Committees

Barney Frank to Progressives: Ditch Bernie Sanders

Barney Frank: Hastert’s Hypocrisy Makes Clinton ‘Almost a Virgin’

‘An Opportunity to Lie’: Maher Goes Off on Ted Cruz over Country Music Remarks

Barney Frank: Biden ‘Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut or His Hands to Himself’

Barney Frank: Ben Carson Is ‘Abysmally Ignorant’ About Gay Issues

O’Reilly, Barney Frank Reunite to Get Testy with One Another Again

Barney Frank: Elizabeth Warren Would Lose Cred if She Ran for President

Barney Frank Recalls Shouting Matches with ‘Abusive and Inaccurate’ O’Reilly

Barney Frank Not a Fan of Stewart, Colbert’s ‘Anti-Government’ Approach

Barney Frank: Being Gay Now More Popular Than Being a Politician

Barney Frank and Alec Baldwin Deflect Question About Homophobic Outburst

Barney Frank on MSNBC: What Are Republicans Smoking to Make Them So Mellow Right Now?

Maher Panel Rips Fox’s ‘Concern-Trolling’ On Black Crime, Jay Z Battles Barney Frank Over Stop-And-Frisk

Maher Panel Bashes ‘Mr. Conservative’ Christie Over Paul Spat, Barney Frank Rails Against Dangerous Intel Leaks

O’Reilly Confronts Barney Frank For Politicizing Boston, Frank Counters: ‘Didn’t Know You Were Opposed To Polarizing’

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