Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes: The Government Can’t Control People’s Facebook Feeds and That Worries Me

Clapper: Republicans Stood in the Way of Efforts to Warn U.S. About Russian Interference

New Memoir Reveals Obama’s Thoughts After Trump Won Election: ‘Maybe This Is What People Want’

Trump Aides Reportedly Hired Spy Firm to Find ‘Dirt’ on Obama Officials Who Negotiated Iran Deal

S.E. Cupp Eviscerates Ex-Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes For Wishing Death On GOP Foes: ‘Try Therapy’

Twitter Shreds Ben Rhodes for ‘Obituary’ Comment About GOP Leaders: ‘Sick’

Holocaust Museum Pulls Syrian Genocide Study After Backlash For Absolving Obama’s Inaction

Jake Tapper and Sebastian Gorka Trade Barbs on Twitter

Ben Rhodes Is Very Concerned About Trump White House Lying to American People

‘Seems to be a Moral Equivalence Argument Being Made’: Tapper Confronts Ben Rhodes Over Kerry Speech

On Iran Cash Payment, White House Doesn’t Deserve Your Benefit of the Doubt

Key Obama Ally Secretly Bankrolled ‘Funny or Die’ Video Mocking Iran Deal Critics

Emails Show NPR Cancelled Interviews With Anti-Iran Deal Congressman

Author of NYT Rhodes Profile Speaks Out: ‘I Stand Behind Every Single Word’

White House Offers Peace Offering of Doughnuts, Reporter Responds With Sick Burn Instead

Journalists Fight Back At Implication They Were ‘Colluding’ With Obama Over Iran Deal

Josh Earnest Mishears Question, Accidentally Implies the Obama Administration Lied

Obama Advisor Addresses Controversial NY Times Interview About Manipulating Reporters

Obama Advisor Openly Brags About Lying to Public, Media Yawns

‘If This Is What ISIS Looks Like Contained…’ Tapper Grills WH Adviser Ben Rhodes

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