Birthright Citizenship

Fox & Friends Bemoans Caravan Baby Just Born on US Soil: ‘Child is Now an American Citizen’

Harry Reid Hits Back at Trump for Invoking Him in Birthright Citizenship Battle: ‘I Made a Mistake’

Fox’s Napolitano on 14th Amendment: ‘Everybody Born Here is a Citizen, So Says the Constitution’

The Young Turks Ask Whether Trump’s Children Will Lose U.S. Citizenship With His Executive Order: ‘Send ’em Back’

Chuck Todd: We Should Be Careful in How to Cover Trump’s ‘Dishonest Proposal’ on Birthright Citizenship

Tucker Carlson Swipes at Paul Ryan for Pushback on Trump Over Birthright Citizenship: ‘He Wants You to Be Quiet’

George Conway Denounces Trump’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Proposal to End Birthright Citizenship in Op-Ed

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Fact-Checks Trump on Birthright Citizenship Claims: ‘He Can’t Do That’

Meghan McCain Bashes Migrant ‘Fear-Mongering’ Ahead of Midterms: ‘Irrational’ but ‘Very Effective’

Trump Says He Will Sign Executive Order to Terminate Birthright Citizenship: ‘It Has to End’

Scott Walker on Birthright Citizenship: ‘I’m Not Taking a Position on It’

Ted Cruz in 2011: ‘Mistake’ for Conservatives to Try to End Birthright Citizenship

HuffPost Legal Writer Argues It’s Unconstitutional to Amend the Constitution

Scott Walker Calls for End to Birthright Citizenship

Lou Dobbs Discusses ‘Anchor Babies’ With Megyn Kelly, But Defends 14th Amendment

Sen. Lindsey Graham Is Thinking About Changing Birthright Citizenship

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