Bowe Bergdahl

Military Judge Calls Trump’s Campaign Rhetoric on Bowe Bergdahl ‘Disturbing’

Bowe Bergdahl’s Defense Team Might Call Donald Trump as a Witness

Bowe Bergdahl: Taliban Captors Asked Me How Troops Get Prostitutes, Whether Obama’s Gay

Serial Will Reportedly Dig into Bowe Bergdahl Story

Former POW Bowe Bergdahl Caught Up in California Pot Raid

‘You’re Desperately Wrong’: O’Reilly, Krauthammer Clash over Bergdahl-Gitmo Trade

‘The Guy’s a Traitor!’ Bolling, O’Reilly Guest Battle over Bergdahl Charges

Bergdahl Reportedly Didn’t Trust Commanders, Tried to Walk to Nearest U.S. Outpost

‘He Needs to Answer for What He Did’: Bergdahl Platoon Members to Megyn Kelly

CNN’s Bolduan to Earnest: Was Obama Making Big Deal About Bergdahl a ‘Mistake’?

Bergdahl Desertion Announcement Vindicates Fox News and NBC

Megyn Kelly Grills Jen Psaki: Did Bergdahl Really Serve with ‘Honor?’

O’Reilly: Bergdahl Desertion Charge an ‘Embarrassment’ for Obama

Bowe Bergdahl Speaks Out for First Time on Captivity

Member of Bergdahl’s Platoon on CNN: Show Him No Forgiveness

Bowe Bergdahl Will Be Charged with Desertion

Lindsey Graham: I Wouldn’t Even Swap Prisoners to Free a Medal of Honor Recipient

Reporter Asks Earnest: If Alan Gross Was at SOTU, Why Wasn’t Bergdahl?

White House Spox Stumbles to Answer Whether Taliban a ‘Terrorist’ Group

Ex-Lt. Col. Stands by Claim of Bergdahl Desertion Charge, Despite Denials

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