Charlie Rangel

That Time Trump Used Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Defend Paula Deen Over N-Word Controversy

Tucker Carlson Takes On Rangel Over Bill to Abolish the Electoral College

Rangel Defends Armed Guards Despite Gun Control Support: ‘We Deserve’ to Be Protected

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Wonders If Bernie Supporters Making It Rain on Hillary Is Sexist

Here’s the Video of Charlie Rangel on an Exercise Bike You Never Asked for

Charlie Rangel: Cops Turning Backs on de Blasio During Memorial Was in Bad Taste

Charlie Rangel Reacts to Cuba Announcement While in Havana

Charlie Rangel: Darren Wilson’s ‘Total Indifference’ Set People Off

Rangel Explains Use of ‘Cracker’: ‘I Thought That Was a Term of Endearment’

Concha: Wasserman Schultz’s Time As DNC Chairwoman About to Expire

Rangel to CNN: Southern GOP Still Believes in Slavery, Wins Through Racism

CNNer Goes Off on Rangel Slavery Remark: ‘You’re an Idiot’ if You Agree with Him

Rangel: ‘Hard to Distinguish’ Between Tea Party, Anti-Civil Rights Dixiecrats

Stewart: Old Men Rangel and Cochran Got ‘Bailed Out’ by Black Voters

Charlie Rangel Beats Back Challenger to Win Dem Primary

Charlie Rangel: Obama Critics Coming from Confederate, ‘Slaveholder States’

LISTEN: Charlie Rangel Releases Official Campaign Rap Song

Stewart: We Can’t ‘Throw the Bums Out’ if We Keep Reelecting the Bums!

Charlie Rangel Pretends to Take a Phone Call During Debate

Charlie Rangel: Unrealistic to Believe Obama’s Race Not a Factor for His Opponents

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