Charlie Rangel

Stewart: We Can’t ‘Throw the Bums Out’ if We Keep Reelecting the Bums!

Charlie Rangel Pretends to Take a Phone Call During Debate

Charlie Rangel: Unrealistic to Believe Obama’s Race Not a Factor for His Opponents

Charlie Rangel: How Did Obama Think He Could Work with ‘Mean, Racist’ Tea Party?

Charlie Rangel: NYC Building Collapse Is Harlem’s 9/11

Charlie Rangel Blasts Obama: ‘Saying You’re Sorry Doesn’t Help Me Worth a Damn at the Polls’

Congress Audience Laughs at Charlie Rangel for Insisting GOP Didn’t Vote for Social Security

MSNBC Anchor: Will ‘Gloating’ GOP’ers Act ‘Happier Than Pigs in Slop’ Over Obamacare Flop?

Democrats Resurrect Confederacy to Refight Civil War in Their Own Minds

‘What Are You Talking About?’ CNN Anchor Laughs at Dem Rep. for Linking GOP to Confederacy

Reps. Bachmann and Rangel Throw Down Over Government Shutdown on Crossfire

From Cheney to Matthews: The 9 Most Unexpected Reactions to Syria

Charlie Rangel: With a Draft, ‘Overwhelming Sense of Patriotism’ in Congress Would Disappear

Dem Congressman: ‘I Love Obama’ But Syria Situation is ‘Embarrassing’

Trump On Fox: If Charlie Rangel Can Say ‘Cracker,’ Then Paula Deen Should Be Able To Say The ‘N-Word’

The Five Demolishes Rangel Over Tea Party ‘Crackers’ Gibe: ‘Desperate,’ Deflecting From His Own Shady Ethics

Democratic Congressman: Tea Party ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Opposed Civil Rights

Dem Rep. Charlie Rangel: If Zimmerman Was Black, Police ‘Would Have Beat Him To Death’

Irony Alert: Rep. Charlie Rangel Tells Ousted IRS Head It’s ‘Wrong To Abuse The Tax System’

Dem Rep. Rangel On Obama’s Handling Of AP Scandal: No One ‘Truly Believes’ He’s Given ‘Sufficient Answer’

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