child abuse

Shocking New Report Reveals 368 Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse Against Child Gymnasts Since 1996

Tucson TV Reporters Charged After Their Four-Month-Old Child Allegedly Ingests Cocaine

‘You’re Done’: Huckabee Snaps at Woman Who Confronts Him for Supporting the Duggars

NY Times: U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Afghan Boys

Dem Senate Candidate Joe Sestak Plows Though Kids in July 4th Parade

7th Heaven Dad Confesses to Molesting Underage Girls

NFL Player Adrian Peterson Indicted for Reckless or Negligent Injury to a Child

Christian Radio Host Allegedly Admits to Sexually Assaulting Children

NM Gubernatorial Candidate Campaigns with Man Accused of Torturing Children

Limbaugh: Liberals Seek To Normalize Pedophilia, Just Like They Did With Gay Marriage

GOP State Senator Introduces Bill To Brand Single Parenthood As Child Abuse Factor

The Five Best Columns About The Child Abuse Scandal Written By Penn State Alums

Disturbing Video Allegedly Shows Texas Judge Beating Daughter; Internet Springs Into Action

Keith Olbermann Attacks Bill O’Reilly By Bringing Up Possible Abuse As A Child

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