Christine O’Donnell

Ex-Tea Party Candidate O’Donnell Defends Hillary: Sexist Double Standard on ‘Yelling’

Christine O’Donnell Compares Obama’s ISIS Plan to Chris Christie’s Weight Loss

Christine O’Donnell Tweets Stolen Police Car Chase

Karl Rove Defends Tea Party Support On O’Reilly: I Gave Millions To Tea Party Candidates In 2010

Cautionary Fail: People Didn’t Kill Sarah Palin’s Career, Guns Did

The Best Of The O’Reilly-Stewart Debates: Part 4- Regular Folks, Tea Parties, And The Rally To Restore Sanity

Bill Maher Finally Goes Head To Head With Christine O’Donnell On Real Time

O’Brien Confronts O’Donnell: You ‘Throw The Word Socialist And Marxist Around,’ Unanchored By Definitions

Christine O’Donnell: Comparing ObamaCare To RomneyCare Is Like Comparing ‘Motel 6 To The Four Seasons’

Christine O’Donnell: ‘A Lot of People’s Dislike For Romney Is Based On Misinformation’

Hex Of An Endorsement: Christine O’Donnell Says Mitt Romney ‘Consistent Since He Changed His Mind’

Nailed: Stephen Colbert ‘Borrows’ Mediaite Joke About Christine O’Donnell’s Romney Endorsement

No ‘Aye’ Of Newt: Christine O’Donnell Endorses Mitt Romney

Tucker Carlson: The Tea Party Has Destroyed The Republican Establishment

Report: Fewer People Planning To Dress Up As Political Figures For Halloween

Karl Rove Declares That Herman Cain Has ‘Peaked’

Christine O’Donnell Demands Chris Matthews Apology To Bible Belt For ‘Elitist, Rude Remark About Low IQ’s’

The Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell Tea Party Rally Is A Mess

Christine O’Donnell: I Don’t Get Why Karl Rove Keeps Bashing The Tea Party

Piers Morgan Tonight Panel On Christine O’Donnell: No, Piers, You’re Not Sexist

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