On MSNBC, David French Calls Out Dem Religious Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett: This Is Not Fair Game

Jake Tapper Holds Up Pocket Constitution in Response to Trump’s Attacks on Press

CNN Panel Melts Down Over Travel Ban: ‘I Never Want to Be on the Show With This Bigot Again’

Obama: If Trump Disrespects the Constitution Now, What Happens When He Has ‘Actual Power’?

Donald Trump Promises to Defend Articles of Constitution That Don’t Actually Exist

Dem Senator Complains About Constitutional Protections: ‘Due Process is Killing Us Right Now’

HuffPost Legal Writer Argues It’s Unconstitutional to Amend the Constitution

Megyn Kelly Grills Cruz: You Want to ‘Rewrite the Constitution’ over SCOTUS Decisions?

Krauthammer: Obama Feels He Can ‘Abuse the Constitution’ to Push Agenda

Alan Colmes: ‘Conservatives Basically Want to Have Sex with the Constitution’

Judge Napolitano on ‘Profoundly Unconstitutional’ AZ Bill: Gov’t Can’t Act ‘Based on Hatred’

Tom DeLay: Americans Have Forgotten That God ‘Wrote the Constitution’

Schwarzenegger Reportedly Planning Presidential Run, Ready to Challenge Citizenship Rule

Glenn Beck and Mark Levin Pile on ‘Nightmare’ GOP for Abandoning Conservatives

Mark Levin Rips ‘Brazen’ Obama, Dems, Talks ‘Liberty Amendments’ With Hannity

Jon Stewart Trashes Fox News For Throwing Out The Constitution: The Law Is ‘No Match For Freedom Math’

Maher Rants Against Constitution, Founders: Filibuster Is ‘Silent Coup,’ Tiny States Don’t Deserve Two Senators

Fox & Friends Questions Threat To ‘Freedom,’ Asks: ‘Are The Days Of Constitutional Gov’t Over?’

Mark Levin Trashes Obama For Ignoring The Constitution, Tells GOP To ‘Start Acting Like Men’

GOP Rep: ‘The Only Constitution That Barack Obama Upholds Is The Soviet Constitution’

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