Don Jr. Condemns ‘Inappropriate’ Trump Massacre Meme Video in Op-Ed: ‘Disgusts Me… Went Far Over the Line’


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In a Daily Caller op-ed Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. condemned a controversial meme video which played during a conference at the Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida earlier this month and showed his father, President Donald Trump, killing representatives of the media and political opponents.

“Like most Americans, I woke up Monday confused as to why the news media considered a meme video superimposing my father over a character from the action movie ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ the most important news story in the country,” Trump Jr. declared in the article, adding that it was “all the more surprising” because it “supposedly played at a conference I attended.”

Trump Jr. claimed no knowledge of the video until it became widely reported.

“Nevertheless, let me emphasize yet again: I oppose all political violence — no matter who it’s from or who it targets,” he wrote.

Trump Jr. condemned the video as “graphic, violent, and inappropriate,” describing it as “an attempt at satire that went far over the line.”

“The video should not have been played, and it was monumentally stupid for the organizers to allow it,” he proclaimed, stating, however, that he doesn’t get why reporters keep talking about it.

Noting that he personally wasn’t a fan of the video, Trump Jr. wrote that “it doesn’t explain why the media decided to make this into a leading story — especially when they could have devoted some of that attention to video footage of actual violence against a Trump supporter at my father’s recent rally in Minneapolis.”

“The video is not new — it’s been on YouTube for a year or more. Not one of the journalists raising a stink about the video objected to the scene in its original theatrical context — a group of rural white Americans being killed in their church because they’re racist zombies under the control of an evil super-villain,” he explained, before listing various examples of violence and calls to violence against President Trump and his supporters, which he claimed didn’t get the same amount of air time.

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