David Axelrod

David Axelrod ‘Amazed and Appalled’ by Liberals Applauding Sarah Sanders’ Restaurant Expulsion

Tom Hanks: ‘Concerns Me’ How Much Trump Attacks the Press

Ex-Obama Cabinet Sec. Sebelius Rips Dems, Hillary: ‘They Went After’ Bill Clinton’s Accusers

David Axelrod: Trump Sounds Like He’s ‘Jealous’ of the Esteem Obama Left Office With

Pelosi on Corker’s WWIII-Trump Warning: POTUS Doesn’t Understand His Words Have Weight Now

Axelrod Advises Against Talk of ‘Removing’ Trump from Office: ‘Opening a Pandora’s Box’

Axelrod: Trump Sent ‘Dog Whistles’ to White Supremacists, Was ‘Bleaching Their White Robes’

Obama, Allies Reportedly Want Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to Run in 2020

John Lewis: Trump Is ‘Uncaring’ and Knows Very Little of Civil Rights History

McCain: Trump Suggesting Moral Equivalence Between U.S. and Russia Was ‘Appalling’

David Axelrod Is Bringing His Popular Podcast to CNN for a Special

Atlantic Editor Warns Journalists: Don’t ‘Spin Out of Control’ Covering Trump’s Media Slams

Corey Lewandowski: Trump Staffers Have ‘Not Prepared Him As Well As They Could Have’

David Axelrod: Who in the White House Can Tell Trump Not to Get So Off-Message?

Fox’s Chris Wallace: Trump Shouldn’t Be ‘Denigrating’ Intelligence Agencies

Axelrod: Obama Doesn’t Accept That Election Was ‘Verdict’ on His View of Direction US Is Headed

Obama: I Could’ve Beaten Trump if I Ran Again

David Axelrod on Trump: When You Press Send on a Nuke, ‘There’s No Deleting’ It

David Axelrod: Electoral College Voting Against Trump ‘Would Split the Country Apart’

Axelrod: Trump’s Attitude Towards the Press Poses ‘Real Danger’ to Our Democracy

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