Delta Gets Twitter Thrashing For Advising Employees to Buy Video Games Instead of Paying Union Dues


Delta Airlines’ anti-union messaging is facing criticism yet again — this time for a flier advising employees to spend their money on a gaming console instead of union dues.

“Union dues cost around $700 a year,” the Delta flier reads, along with promotion for their DontRiskItDontSignIt website, which advises employees against signing union cards. “A new video game system with the latest hits sounds like fun. Put your money towards that instead of paying dues to the union.”

“It’s your money,” the poster adds at the end.

Delta has previously been criticized for an anti-union campaign that included a poorly produced video and the DontSignIt site that has put up a website, where the airline argues that union negotiations would result in “uncertainty [that] typically rules for a long time.”

“Negotiations for a first contract in the airline industry can take years,” they write.

Delta’s video game vs. union dues flier received swift backlash on Twitter, where numerous reporters and pundits condemned the airline for treating their employees like “little children”:

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