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Dmitry Medvedev

Russian PM: Trump Administration ‘Demonstrated Full Impotence’ With Sanctions Bill (UPDATED)

‘I Don’t Know What You’re Referring To’: NBC’s Katy Tur Doesn’t Remember Obama Promising Putin ‘Flexibility’

Meet The Russian Painter Who Paints Boobshell Putin Portraits

Russian Prime Minister’s Twitter Gets Hacked: ‘I’m Resigning’

Rothman: Obama’s Legacy Is a New Cold War

Rothman: MSNBC’s Most Embarrassing Mockery of Romney’s Russia Warnings

Snowden Surrenders Moral Authority With Dangerous Leaks About American, U.K. Spying Techniques

Joe Biden Says He Ran For Senate Because Did Not Want ‘A Real Job’ At Democratic Fundraiser

Dmitry Medvedev Slams Romney’s Anti-Russia Comments, Says He ‘Smells Of Hollywood’

Newt Gingrich Claims President Obama ‘Promised To Sell Out Our Missile Defense’ To Russia

Republicans React To Obama’s Hot Mic Incident: What Else Is The President Not Telling Us?

Caught On Hot Mic: Obama Tells Russian President He Needs ‘Space,’ Will Have ‘Flexibility After My Election’

Sexy Russian Spy Threatens Legal Action Over ‘Shameless Self-Promotion’ Award

Vladimir Putin Attacks U.S., Western Democracy For Julian Assange Arrest

Russian Journalist Brutally Beaten In Response To Reporting

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Dmitry Medvedev Hit The Gym In Moscow

Video Of Ukrainian President Struck By Gigantic Wreath Goes Viral

Vladimir Putin: Dmitry Medvedev And I Are Not Gay

Did Russian President Imply That George W. Bush Is Not “A Thinker”?

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