Ed Gillespie

Colbert: Dems Commemorated Trump’s Victory By ‘Kicking His Ass’ With His Arch Enemy ‘The Popular Vote’

Nicolle Wallace: In 365 Days, Trump Has Gone from ‘Surprise Victor’ to ‘Skunk at the Garden Party’

RNC Chair McDaniel: ‘Voters Want to See Candidates Embrace This President’

President Trump is Making the Democratic Party Great Again!

WATCH: Ralph Northam Rushed Offstage As Protestors Interrupt Victory Speech

Laura Ingraham: Ed Gillespie’s ‘Dance’ Around Trump’s Support ‘Came Off As Desperate’

Chris Matthews: Gillespie ‘Pretended to Be a Trumpster’ and Couldn’t Pull It Off

Trump Tweets on Gillespie Loss: He ‘Did Not Embrace Me or What I Stand For’

Democrat Ralph Northam Wins Virginia Governor’s Race

Fox News Contributor: ‘Washington Creature’ Ed Gillespie as ‘Establishment Republican as You Can Get’

No, Today’s Virginia Election is NOT a Referendum on Trump

Latino Victory Fund Pulls Ad Depicting Gillespie Supporters as Confederate Predators

A Muslim Girl in Virginia WAS Actually Chased By A Vehicle And Killed… But By An Illegal Immigrant

Virginia Governor’s Race Turns Ugly With Ad Depicting Republicans As Racist Predators

Conservative Twitter Slams Brian Fallon For Comparing Ed Gillespie Campaign to White Nationalists

Twitter Drags Trump for Bringing Confederate Statues, ‘Heritage’ Debate into Virginia Gov Election

NRA Reportedly Postpones Ad Spending in VA Governor’s Race After Vegas Shooting

GOP Senate Candidate Defends Redskins Name in Monday Night Football Ad

So How Did CPAC’s ‘Minority Outreach’ Panel Go?

Matt Lauer Hammers Romney Spokesperson Over Whether The ‘Jeep Ad’ Is Accurate

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