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CNN Uses Sesame Street’s Elmo As Immigration Propaganda Puppet

WATCH: Elmo Learns He Is Laid Off After Trump’s Budget Comes Out

Michelle Obama Announces Muppet Advertising for Fruit and Vegetable Companies

Anti-Semitic Elmo is Back! And He Tried to Extort Millions From the Girl Scouts

Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Resigns From Sesame Street

Accuser Recants Underage Sexual Relationship Allegation Against Elmo Puppeteer

MSNBC Interviews Elmo, Informs Us He Is, Indeed, ‘Decidedly Apolitical’

WATCH: Elmo Joins Fellow Ginger Mario Batali For A Sass-Off On The Chew

Happy Monday! Here’s A Video Of A Crazy Anti-Semite In An Elmo Costume Ranting In Central Park!

Man In Elmo Shirt Delivers An Instant Classic Of A Tirade For $500 Traffic Fine

Elmo Offers Solution To Congressional Discord In Hard-Hitting Erin Burnett Interview

Panel Nerds: Being Elmo Is All About Love

Olbermann’s Brief History Of Testimonies To Congress More Ridiculous Than Colbert’s

And…Stephen Colbert Answers Questions In-Character During Congressional Hearing

Katy Perry’s Breasts Are Just Too Much For Sesame Street

“Zhu Zhu Pets” Give Children, Newscasters Their Black Friday Fix

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