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Federal Court: LGBT Job Discrimination is Illegal

Bible-Thumped: Trans Woman Dares Councilman to Literally Cast First Stone at Her

Boehner Calls LGBT Employment Non-Discrimination Act ‘Unnecessary’

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: ENDA Not an Anti-Discrimination Bill, It’s ‘BS Detector for Homophobia’

Jay Carney Applauds Senate Passage of ENDA: To Oppose Is to Be ‘Left Behind by History’

NY Magazine’s Jonathan Chait on Obama’s Blogging Style: Keep Your Day Job

Obama Blogs in Huffington Post: ‘Who You Are and Who You Love’ Aren’t Fireable Offenses

Maddow Predicts Doomsday For GOP: Gay Marriage Rulings Will ‘Come Crashing Down On Republican Party’

White Privilege And First Lady Michelle Obama’s Heckler

First Lady Michelle Obama Rebuffs LGBT Activist Heckler At Fundraiser (With Audio)

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