Foster Friess

GOP Donor: Christians Who Don’t Support Trump Don’t Truly Understand Their Faith

Big GOP Donor Slams Obamacare Using Infamous Hitler Meme

Chris Matthews Asks Andrea Mitchell If ‘Wife Beating’ Is Something Women ‘Really Worry About?’

Joan Walsh Blasts ‘Spoiled Rich Kid’ Tucker Carlson: ‘Makes Mitt Romney Look Good’

Foster Friess To Lou Dobbs: I Hope Barack Obama’s ‘Teleprompters Are Bulletproof’

Megyn Kelly’s Panel Has Some Advice For Santorum: ‘Stop Writing Ads For The Obama Campaign’

Santorum Staffer: Obama’s Energy Decisions Determined By His ‘Radical Islamic Policies’

Red Eye On Santorum Backer’s Bad Birth Control Joke: ‘Guerrilla Marketing By Bayer?’

Limbaugh: We’re Supposed To Ignore Obama’s Relationship To Rev. Wright, Yet Santorum Is Responsible For Friess?

Foster Friess’ Aspirin As Birth Control Joke Retroactively Blamed For Teen Pregnancy

Foster Friess Apologizes For Aspirin Comment: ‘My Wife Constantly Tells Me I Need New Material’

Furious Rick Santorum Fights Charlie Rose Over ‘Gotcha’ Question On Aspirin Joke: ‘This Is What You Guys Do!’

Greta Van Susteren Holds Santorum’s Feet To The Fire Over Supporter’s Aspirin As Contraception Remark

Lawrence O’Donnell Grills Foster Friess Over His ‘Bayer Aspirin As Contraception’ Remark

Millionaire Santorum Backer Foster Friess Tells Erin Burnett He’s Not A Billionaire

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