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Both Obama and Biden Will Skip Fidel Castro’s Funeral

Driver Crashes Into Deputies During Funeral Procession for Orlando Victim

WATCH LIVE: Funeral Service for Muhammad Ali

Details For Muhammad Ali’s Long Planned Funeral Services Set For Louisville

Reverend Paul Scalia Delivers a Moving Homily at His Father’s Funeral

Ex-GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Asks If Obama’s Skipping Scalia Funeral Because He’s White

WATCH LIVE: Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body Arrives at Supreme Court

Josh Earnest Defends Obama Skipping Scalia Funeral: Critics Using It as ‘Political Cudgel’

Fox’s Kelly, Perino Rip Obama: If Scalia Was Liberal, He Would Definitely Be at Funeral

President Obama Will Not Attend Justice Antonin Scalia’s Funeral

Scalia’s Family Releases Weekend Funeral Plans to Honor the Justice’s Life

‘Stiff’ Deal: Philly Funeral Director Has License Revoked After Bodies Found in Garage

Sharpton Backs Out of Delivering Eulogy for Slain NYPD Officer

Sandra Bland’s Mother at Funeral: ‘My Baby Did Not Take Herself Out’

Mourners Gather at Church for Walter Scott’s Funeral

FL Church Refuses to Hold Funeral Service for Gay Man

Sharpton Slams GOP by Literally Holding Funeral for Their Talking Points

Al Sharpton Will Deliver Eulogy At Rodney King’s Funeral

Jesse Jackson To Don Lemon: Family ‘Could Have Accommodated [Bobby Brown] Better’

Whitney Houston Funeral Concludes With Rousing Eulogy And ‘I Will Always Love You’

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