Fox News’ Brit Hume Slams Donald Trump’s Tweet of ‘Sympathies’ for McCain Family


After Senator John McCain passed away on Saturday, President Donald Trump sent a tweet with his sympathies to the McCain family. It was not a comprehensive statement, as some politicians offered, and Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume took note.

Hume is pointing out that, even in the Senator’s death, Trump can’t bring himself to say “a kind word” for the man. Merely the rote political condolences for the family members. Whether that is due to Trump’s own feelings or another example of pandering to his base is hard to say.

For context, recall that Trump said McCain was not a war hero, mocked him for being a POW, and Trump’s supporters and even staff have continued to mock the late Senator during his illness. Even so, Trump supporters have been irrationally offended that Trump wasn’t invited to McCain’s funeral.

Hume also tweeted about revelations of the President’s position earlier, when the announcement was made by Sen. McCain’s family that treatment would be discontinued.

Fox’s senior political analyst, Hume had many observations about McCain on Saturday, but this was perhaps the best among them.

Guts. Damn right.

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