Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Conservative Media Beef: A Fight That Both Sides are Winning

Stephen A Smith Asks: ‘What’s the Date of Cinco De Mayo?’

De Blasio Says Fans ‘Are Going to Be Rooting’ for US Open Player Who Already Lost

Clinton Campaign Roundly Scorned for Messing Up a Venn Diagram

Sure, Clinton Couldn’t Use a MetroCard, But Remember These Presidential ‘Everyman’ Gaffes?

Jeb Bush Will ‘Never Forget’ That Astronaut Who Died That One Time

Watch Company Under Fire for Tweet About Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘DadBod’

David Cameron Accidentally Reveals Queen ‘Purred’ After Scottish Referendum

Dem Senate Candidate Goes Awkwardly Silent During TV Interview

Lee Atwater’s Wife Gave What Might Be the Dumbest Political Interview Ever

CNN Reporter Lists All the ‘Sh*t’ — Er, Stuff — U.S. Might Need in Dealing with Iraq

Limbaugh: If Bush Or Palin Made As Many Gaffes As Obama, Media Would Call It Dementia

Tonight Show Not The First Time President Obama Made ‘Gulf’ ‘Gaffe’

Giuliani And Durbin Battle Over Whether Biden Is ‘Competent’ To Serve As President

Ann Coulter On Female Vote: ‘Single Women Look For Gov’t To Be Their Husbands’

Paul Ryan Opens Ohio Speech With Jab At Biden Gaffe

Gaffe-Time Report:Mitt Romney Confuses The Word ‘Sikh’ With ‘Sheik’

Romney On Perceived Overseas Gaffes: Media Want To Distract From Obama’s Record

Official Mitt Romney T-Shirt Implies We Were ‘Doing Fine’ When Economy Melted Down

Mitt Romney Been Busted: President Obama Did Not ‘Tout’ Government Layoffs In May

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