Twitter Roasts Trump for Harping on Biden’s ‘120 Million’ Slip: ‘From the Let’s Look at Injecting Disinfectant Guy’


When President Donald Trump tried to capitalize on an edited clip of Joe Biden’s recent verbal miscue about the coronavirus death toll, Twitter blue checks responded by roasting Trump over his own gaffes, and of the actual death toll he has overseen.

Trump and his supporters have been trying to hype a clip of Biden from a Thursday event in which he said “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID,” but then immediately corrected himself by saying “I mean over 120,000 dead from Covid.”

Trump posted a version of the clip that cut off before Biden began to correct himself, and wrote “If I ever said something so mortifyingly stupid, the Fake News Media would come down on me with a vengeance. This is beyond a normal mistake. Why isn’t the media reporting it?”

As it turns out, the media did cover it. After a Mediaite report that included Biden’s full immediate correction, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called the attack from Trump a “cheap shot.”

Verified Twitter — including some journalists — was far less generous, as users pointed out Trump’s own propensity for more substantive gaffes, and pointing out the actual death toll from the coronavirus pandemic, which Trump has presided over.

But Trump still has Bill Mitchell, who managed to squeeze the coronavirus death toll and the tens of thousands of Americans who die from gun violence every year into his punchline:

Watch the full Biden clip above, obtained by Mediaite on Friday.

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