Soledad O’Brien Quizzes Former CEO Jack Welch On GE’s Tax Situation

AP Falls For Fake GE ‘Tax Refund’ Hoax Posts Cut Fox News Watch Segment Inaccurately Criticizing NBC News

Megyn Kelly Dismantles Fellow Fox Newser’s Theory About Jeffrey Immelt And Obama

Ann Coulter Warns Of ‘The Fascist President,” Incandescent Lightbulbs

Campaign Contributions Under Microscope In Wake Of Olbermann Suspension

Bill O’Reilly Suggests GE Received Stimulus As Payback For NBC’s Support Of Obama

Keith Olbermann Concedes An O’Reilly Comment On His Show Was ‘Over-The-Top’

Bill O’Reilly Slams GE And Immelt – Reignites Feud?

It’s Official: Comcast and GE To “Create Leading Entertainment Company”

Source: Comcast Plans To Complete Acquisition OF NBC This Week

Chyron of the Day: CNBC Already Not Completely Sure Who Their Boss Is

Stakes Get Higher: GE Takes the Bait Against “Maliciously False” O’Reilly Report

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