General Stanley McChrystal

Retired Gen. McChrystal To MSNBC: ‘Serious Action Is Necessary’ On Gun Control

Those Who Can’t Do, Teach: Stanley McChrystal Takes Professor Job At Yale

Michael Hastings Lands Book Deal Following Rolling Stone McChrystal Bombshell

O’Reilly On Gen. McChrystal: “Live By The Liberal Sword, Die By The Liberal Sword”

Geraldo Rivera Likens Rolling Stone‘s Michael Hastings To Al Qaeda. Seriously. Removes “General Betray Us” Ad In Response To Petraeus Appointment

Gretchen Carlson: Hosting Fox & Friends is ‘The Same Thing As Being The President’

Sen. Lindsey Graham Supports Obama While Slamming McChrystal And Staff

Geraldo On Rolling Stone‘s Michael Hastings: “A Terrible Thing That He Has Done”

General McChrystal Steps Aside; General Petraeus Steps Back In Command

Bill O’Reilly Uses McChrystal Controversy To Critique Obama; Military Experts Disagree

Report: Gen. McChrystal Tells White House Official: ‘I’ve Compromised The Mission’

Did Robert Gibbs Telegraph Mercy for McChrystal?

What Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Santigold Have In Common: Bud Light Lime!

CNN’s Rick Sanchez Interviews Rolling Stone‘s Michael Hastings

McChrystal Story: Blame “Runaway General” on a Runaway Volcano

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