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Report: Gen. McChrystal Tells White House Official: ‘I’ve Compromised The Mission’

Yesterday’s news cycle started with the release of an explosive Rolling Stone article which revealed General Stanley McChyrstal and his staff appeared to hold the Obama Administration in very low esteem. As the day progressed, it became clearer that McChrystal would likely not be able to survive the political blowback with reports of an offered resignation hanging in the air. President Obama is meeting with the General today, in what is likely to seal McChrystal’s fate, and, according to a report from ABC’s Jake Tapper, the maligned General may in fact already be preparing to fall on his sword.

Tapper writes on ABC News’ “Political Punch” blog:

During his round of phone calls to top officials of the Obama administration whom he and his team disparaged to a Rolling Stone reporter, Gen. Stanley McChrystal said, “I’ve compromised the mission,” a senior administration source tells ABC News.

Whether he did so irrevocably is at the top of the agenda in his Oval Office meeting with President Obama this morning. The president will press him as to what he was thinking and whether he still has the ability to serve as commander of 100,000 US troops in Afghanistan after making remarks about the president and his national security team that the general could use to justifiably fire any of his underlings if they were made about him.

“He’ll have to have some pretty good answers to some tough questions,” a senior White House official tells ABC News.

This small but significant bit of information will likely shape the narrative for the rest of the day. A nice little victory for ABC’s White House correspondent Jake Tapper, and a reminder of why he’s at the top of his game among the White House Press Corps.

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