Jeffrey Toobin Chides CNN Segment on Surviving Nukes: ‘Can We Just Dial This All Back?’

FBI Arrests U.S. Soldier in Hawaii on Terrorism Charges For Alleged Connections to ISIS

‘Nobody Has a Sense of Humor Anymore’: Sessions Defends Calling Hawaii an ‘Island in the Pacific’

‘Give Me a Break’: Jeff Sessions Wants You to Know He Actually Loves Hawaii

Sessions Jabs Hawaii Judge Who Blocked Travel Ban: ’Sitting on an Island in the Pacific’

‘NO NAZIS’: Restaurant Sign Banning Trump Voters Draws Severe National Ire

Rubio Campaign Slams Ted Cruz For Spreading ‘False Rumors’ He Might Drop Out

Totally Low Energy: Only Two Dozen Supporters Show Up to Trump Rally

Who Stopped Obama’s Hawaii Motorcade? Dude Wearing ‘Laid Back, Easy Goin’ Shirt With a Drone

Some Hawaii Lawmakers Actually Not Okay with Police Sleeping with Prostitutes

Red Eye Mocks Hawaii Cops: Probing Prostitution Rings ‘With Their Penis’?

Honolulu Cops Want Legal Exemption So They Can Have Sex with Prostitutes

Man Takes Insane Selfie in the Ocean After Plane Crashes

Sledgehammer-Wielding State Rep. Smashes Homeless People’s Carts to ‘Clean Up the Streets’

Stewart Goes Off on Liz Cheney, Hallmark’s Political Correctness in ‘Gaywatch’ Roundup

WATCH: Christina Tosi Lets Roy Choi Eat All The Doughnuts In Hawaii

Young Honolulu Chef Opens $20M Restaurant With Blank Check From Japanese Billionaire

Hawaii Congresswoman Scolds O’Reilly For His ‘Offensive’ Statements On Asians

O’Reilly: ‘Asian People Aren’t Liberal By Nature’ Because ‘They’re Usually More Industrious And Hard-Working’

Apparently Alan Wong Is One Of President Obama’s Favorite Chefs

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