James Mattis

John McCain May Seek Subpoena for Information on Niger Attack

Mattis Slams NBC Report on Trump, Nukes: ‘This Kind of Erroneous Reporting Is Irresponsible’

GOP Sen. Corker: Tillerson, Mattis, and John Kelly ‘Help Separate Our Country from Chaos’

Defense Secretary Mattis: We’re Not Looking For the ‘Total Annihilation’ of North Korea

Mattis Rebuts Trump’s North Korea Tweet: ‘We’re Never Out of Diplomatic Solutions’

Mattis to Convene Panel on Transgender Ban, Says Current Policy ‘Will Remain in Place’ for Now

Mattis to Troops: ‘Hold the Line’ Until America is Less Divided

White House Reportedly Setting Guidelines for Military Transgender Ban

Tapper Dings Seb Gorka for Undermining Tillerson: ‘Just a Bizarre Turn of Events’

Trump: ‘There Are No Mixed Messages’ From Our Administration on North Korea

Dem Senator Ed Markey: Trump Not Frightening North Koreans With Tough Talk, Just Americans

MSNBC Military Analyst: If Trump Ordered a Nuclear Launch, Mattis Would Defy It

James Mattis: North Korea Should Cease Actions That Would Lead to ‘Destruction of its People’

Paul Ryan and Pentagon Agree: Trump’s Twitter Policy Edicts are Meaningless

Pentagon Reportedly Feared Trump’s Transgender Ban Tweet Was Announcement of North Korea Strike

A High School Newspaper Called Up Jim Mattis — And They Got An Interview

Mattis Explains What ‘Catastrophic’ War With North Korea Would Look Like

General Mattis Reportedly Does Not Share Trump’s Love of Fox & Friends

Check Out James Mattis’ Remarkable Response When Asked What Keeps Him Awake at Night

Mattis: Trump’s Message to NATO Is ‘Consistent’ with Previous Presidents

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