Jay Carney

Kellyanne Conway Confronts CNN Analyst For Saying People Don’t Like Her: ‘You Shouldn’t Lie On Twitter’

Jay Carney: Obama Administration Has Been Entirely ‘Scandal-Free’

Report: Obama Skipped Intelligence Briefing the Day After Benghazi Attacks

Ex-WH Press Secretary Jay Carney: Pretty Clear Obama Wants Hillary Over Sanders

Jay Carney Defends Amazon After Scathing NY Times Story

CBS Choice of Dickerson over Norah O’Donnell to Replace Schieffer is Painfully Wrong; Here’s Why

Jay Carney to Leave CNN for Amazon Corporate Gig

Tapper to Jay Carney: The Good Wife Had More Obama Officials Than Paris Rally

Jay Carney: Obama Doing Exactly What He Once Said Was Unconstitutional

Jay Carney: Gruber Speaking from ‘Ivory Tower with Remarkable Hubris’

Jay Carney: ‘No One in the White House Spends Any Time Thinking About’ Fox’s Keith Ablow

Concha: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny of Election Night on Cable News

Jay Carney: Democrats Are ‘Going to Have a Bad Election Day’

Jay Carney: Obama Doesn’t Watch Cable News, ‘Is Aware’ of Fox

Carney Differs from White House: Flight Ban Would ‘Demonstrate Seriousness’

Kristol Promises Jay Carney: Obama’s Gonna ‘Get Dragged Into’ Sending Ground Troops

CNN’s Tapper to Jay Carney: ‘Be Frank,’ You Don’t Work for Obama Anymore

Jay Carney Names Worst Question He Received as White House Press Secretary

Jay Carney: ‘It’s Not Going to Be a Good Year for Democrats’

Geraldo Thinks ‘McCain Kicked Jay Carney’s Ass’ on CNN

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