Jim Inhofe

Senator: GOP Should Use Nuclear Option to Confirm Gorsuch, ‘America Should be Rejoicing’

NBC Reporter: GOP Senator’s Hands ‘Tightly Clasped’ When Pope Mentioned Environment

Sen. Inhofe Blames ‘Ukrainian Delegation’ for Providing Him with Bogus War Atrocity Photos

Senator Gives News Outlet ‘Exclusive’ Photos of Ukrainian War That Are Six Years Old

GOP’s Inhofe, King to Fox: Congress Will Vote No on Syria Strike

Oklahoma GOP Senator Slams ‘Liberal Media’ For ‘Exploiting’ Tornado To Advance Climate Change Agenda

GOP Senator Confronts Hagel With Reports That Iran Endorsed His Nomination, Hagel Clearly Not Pleased

Maddow And Sen. James Inhofe Have Tense Exchange Over His Ties To Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill

Rush Limbaugh Attacked President Obama For ‘Targeting’ Joseph Kony’s ‘Christian’ LRA

Sen. Inhofe Gives Shep Smith Graphic Descriptions Of The Bin Laden Pictures

Lady Gaga Video Urges McCain, McConnell, Inhofe, and Sessions To Overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Howard Dean: ‘Republicans Don’t Believe in Science’

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