Katie Couric

Another Side to the Matt Lauer Firing…That Will Probably Never Be Accepted as True

Katie Couric in 2012: Matt Lauer ‘Pinches Me on the Ass a Lot’

‘She Was Mad As Hell’: Katie Couric Honors Gretchen Carlson For Time 100

‘I Genuinely Thought He Was a Menace’: Keith Olbermann On the Ouster of Bill O’Reilly

Sen. Susan Collins: If I Were Advising Trump, I’d Tell Him ‘Put Your Twitter Account on Hold’

Susan Collins: ‘I Don’t Understand the President’s Affection for Mr. Putin’

GOP Senator on Potential Criticism from Trump: ‘I Cannot Live in Fear of a Tweet’

When Asked About Politics, Betty White Says Just Do Your Best In Your Own ‘Little Circle’

Alec Baldwin Calls Streep’s Speech ‘Smart’ and ‘Effective,’ But Says People Are ‘Bored’ With It

Katie Couric is Coming Back to Today But it’s Not Exactly What You Think

Edward Snowden: David Petraeus Shared Info ‘Far More Highly Classified Than I Ever Did’

WATCH: Trump Drops C-Word While Talking to Katie Couric at 2004 Roast

Leaked Katie Couric Email to Clinton Staffer Shows Host Hoped to ‘Showcase Her Personality’

Gun Rights Group Sues Katie Couric Over Deceptive Interview Edits in Anti-Gun Doc

Second Katie Couric Documentary Accused of Deceptive Editing

Everybody Needs to Calm Down About Katie Couric’s Editing Issue

Armed & Dangerous: How a Gun-Rights Group Just Set a New Precedent for Taped Interviews

Epix Removes Katie Couric Documentary From Its Website (UPDATED)

Katie Couric Should Apologize to Victims of Gun Violence, Not The Gun Nuts She Helped Out

AR-15 Inventor Accuses HBO of Making Misleading Edits to Interview

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