LAX Shooting

Michael Moore Speaks at LAX: ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Americans Kill People’

Fox’s Shep Smith-Led LAX Shooting Coverage Dominates Cable News Ratings

Sen. Feinstein on LAX Shooting: Gun Groups Have ‘Hammerlock’ on Congress

New York Post Publishes Alleged ‘Graphic’ Photo of LAX Shooter

LAX Gunman’s Manifesto Reportedly Used Homphobic Slur to Describe Fmr. DHS Head Napolitano

CNN Reports: LAX Shooter Linked to ‘New World Order’ Conspiracy Theories

LAX Shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia’s Personal Details Emerge

LAX Shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia’s ‘Anti-Gov’t’ Literature Included Note Targeting ‘TSA and Pigs’

NBC News’ Pete Williams: LAX Shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia Had ‘Strong Anti-Government Views’

Touré Argues with Israeli Security Expert Over ‘Illusion of Security’ Provided by Profiling Techniques

Reporter Who Witnessed Shooting Calls Into Fox News From Inside LAX Airport

CBS Report: ‘Preliminary Indications Show That the Suspect(s) Was Targeting TSA Employees’

WATCH LIVE: Terminal 3 Evacuated After Shooting Incident Reported at LAX Airport (Live Updates)

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