Mary Matalin

This Week Blows Up as Mary Matalin Demands Van Jones Retract ‘Whitelash’ Remarks

This Week Panelist Refers To Alicia Machado as ‘Venezuelan Tart’

White Lady Cuts Off Black Professor on Meet the Press: ‘I Get It!’

Mary Matalin Accuses U.S. Gov’t of ‘Anti-Semitism’

Mary Matalin Doesn’t Get Putin’s Anti-LGBT Controversy: ‘All My Gay Friends Think He Looks So Buff’

Mary Matalin Battles Jennifer Granholm : ‘You Think Only Women Know How to Fix’ This Country?

Matthew Dowd, Mary Matalin Clash Over Whether Tea Party is GOP’s Elizabeth Warren

Former Cheney Aide Mary Matalin: ‘What is the Exit Strategy?’

Ted Cruz: Media ‘Tizzy’ Over Birth Certificate Must Mean I’m ‘Doing Something Right’

Animal Cracker: GOP Strategist Mary Matalin Calls Susan Rice ‘Presidential Pet’

Why James Carville And Mary Matalin Are Leaving CNN…

Major Shakeup At CNN: Managing Editor, James Carville, Mary Matalin And Erick Erickson All Leave Network

Paul Krugman Responds To Mary Matalin: ‘I Guess Trying To Get The Facts Straight Makes Me A Polemicist’

Mary Matalin Slams Paul Krugman: ‘Are You An Economist Or A Polemicist?’

Van Jones And Mary Matalin Battle: Did Obama Win A Mandate For Reform Or ‘Free Contraceptives’?

Political Consultant Mary Matalin To CNN: ‘Only Angry White Men I Know Are Liberals’

Paul Krugman Blasts Media For Debate Reaction: ‘Press Just Doesn’t Know How To Handle Flat-Out Untruths’

David Frum Savages Mitt Romney Over His Comments About The 47 Percent

Paul Begala Defends Reid’s Allegations Against Romney, Is Mocked By Anderson Cooper, Mary Matalin

Matthew Dowd: Romney Getting Attacked By Obama Is ‘Karma’ For When He Bashed GOP Rivals

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