Michael Flynn Jr. Reinstates Twitter Account to Call Out ‘Disinformation Campaign’ Against His Ousted Father

Watch This Player Get Hit Right in the (You’re Smart, You Know Exactly Where He Gets Hit)

The Rollout of the New Las Vegas NHL Team Was, Fittingly, A Trainwreck

Heavy Winds Push 1,500 Michigan Rafters Across Canadian Border, Leave Many Stranded

It Happens: French Olympian Soils Shorts During Race

Watch This Baseball Fan Whiff on a Foul Ball Try, Then Faceplant Into a Bowl of Nachos

Google Apologizes for Identifying 2 Black People as ‘Gorillas’

Video: 71 Year-Old Woman Crashes Her Car Through Front of New Jersey Rite Aid

Apparently The Irish Times Wants You to ‘Eat Out’ One of Its Columnists

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Publishes Jewish ‘Slur’ In Crossword Puzzle…

MSNBC Mistaken History: Segregationist George Wallace Was A Republican? (UPDATED)

‘No Pizza For You!’: Drudge Report Falls For Daily Currant’s Satirical Story About Mayor Bloomberg

The Daily Beast Retracts Howard Kurtz Post About NBA Player Jason Collins Coming Out, Citing ‘ Several Errors’

Oops: Michelle Obama Calls Herself A ‘Busy Single Mother’

The Secret Service Almost Shot Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad In 2006

Oops: Fox Affiliate Apologizes For Airing Footage Of Boobs During Segment About ‘Celebration Of Women’

Radio Station Erroneously Reports George H. W. Bush’s Death

‘Who The F**k Are You?’ The Who’s Roger Daltrey Drops Big Ol’ F-Bomb During 12-12-12 Concert

The Perils Of Black Friday: Being Caught In An Ugly Fall During Fox News Live Report

Divided No More? Wall Street Journal Prints Hilariously Confusing Electoral Map Showing Unanimous Obama Win

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