Pew Research Center

Uh-Oh. Now Even Rasmussen is Putting Trump’s Approval Rating at Under 40

Survey Says: 74 Percent of People Around the World Have ‘No Confidence’ in Trump

‘Why Did He Write the Report?’: Trump Gets Into Testy Exchange With ABC’s David Muir on Voter Fraud Claims

Worried About Trump’s Assault on the Media? Here’s What You Can Actually Do About It

Fox News Leads in Revenue, Ratings; CNN Gets the Largest Surge in Viewership

Sorry, Donald: Pew Poll Finds Large Majority Oppose Border Wall

Pew: Young Americans Care More About World Cup than VA, Iraq, IRS

Who’s That Guy? Many Americans Don’t Know This Top News Anchor

Republicans Growing More Dismissive of Evolution, Pew Poll Finds

‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’? Pew Poll Finds Most People Don’t Care

Al Jazeera America’s Syria Coverage Looked Just Like Every Other Cable News Network

Pew: Black Turnout May Have Been Lower Because Blacks Lie, Or Higher Because So Many Are Felons

Politics And The Ever-Growing Asian-American Vote

Media Covered Romney Twice As Favorably As Obama During GOP Primary, Study Says

New Pew Study Shows News Media No Longer In The Tank For President Obama

Poll Shows Public Opinion Of Media At An All-Time Low, But Americans Still Trust The News

Debt Deal Poll Results: House GOP And Tea Party Bigger Losers Than President Obama

Pew Study: Wealth Gap Between Whites And Non-Whites Widens; GOP Make Gains Among White Voters

PolitiFact: Jon Stewart Falsely Claimed FNC Viewers ‘Most Consistently Misinformed’

Poll: Self-Identifying Republicans Remain Mostly Unimpressed With 2012 Candidates

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