political correctness

Maher Says Political Correctness is Why Dems ‘Lose’: We Forced Scott Kelly to Apologize For Quoting Churchill!

Alec Baldwin: Ever Since Playing Trump on SNL ‘Black People Love Me’

Jonah Goldberg to Conservatives: ‘Just Because Being Rude is Politically Incorrect’ Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

Bill Maher: Stop ‘Busting Balls’ Over Old Movies and TV Shows Because They’re Not Woke Enough

Watch Justin Trudeau Correct a Woman To Say ‘Peoplekind’ Instead of ‘Mankind’

Mel Brooks: ‘We Have Become Stupidly Politically Correct, Which is the Death of Comedy’

Take A Bow: Political Correctness Shuts Down Broadway Musical, Kills Hundreds of Jobs

Wait…Did the ACLU Admit to ‘White Supremacy’ After Sharing a Picture of a White Toddler?

It’s Over, ESPN. And It’s All Your Fault

Bill Maher to Zakaria: CNN’s Decision to Fire Jeffrey Lord Was Political Correctness

Google, a Champion of Diversity, Fires Employee… For Expressing Himself

PC Outrage Over Mandy Patinkin Replacing a Black Actor Leads Him to Withdraw from Musical

Conservatives, ‘Antifa’ Clash at Evergreen State College

Trump Emphasizes Again in Tweet We Need ‘Travel Ban,’ ‘Not Some Politically Correct Term’

Maher Slams Liberals For Being So PC They Don’t Notice They’re Losing and ‘Getting F*cked in the Ass’

Don Lemon: ‘Isn’t it Political Correctness to Make Someone Attend’ Inauguration if They Don’t Want To?

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Academic Freedom and Political Correctness ‘Cannot Coexist’ on Campuses

‘Don’t Go Around Just Looking For Insults’: Obama Goes After Safe Space Political Correctness

Fox’s Gutfeld Celebrates Trump’s Election As the ‘Death of Identity Politics’

Election-Based Art Exhibit Offends Minority Students, Causing University To Shut It Down

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