Conservatives, ‘Antifa’ Clash at Evergreen State College


Conservative activists clashed with far-left “antifa” counter-protesters on Thursday at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, as the former held a free speech rally that spotlighted the ongoing race-based controversy on the liberal campus.

CBS’s local affiliate in Seattle, KIRO-TV, covered the dueling protests in a Thursday write-up. The report first noted that a “conservative, pro-Trump group protested at The Evergreen State College because they believe that ‘political correctness and hatred has taken over the campus.'”

The organization, Patriot Prayer, is active in the Pacific Northwest. On their Facebook page, they disclose that they “us[e] the power of love and prayer to fight the corruption both in the government and citizen levels that seek to gain power through division and deception.”

KIRO’s article pointed out how the news outlet “captured several Patriot Prayer protesters taking down a man for having a knife.” There was one arrest during the evening demonstrations.

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson underlined that contrary to claims from left-wing activist, his group wasn’t “white supremacist.”

“I love all people, because they’re human. It doesn’t matter what the color of their skin is. Ok? And I’m sick of hearing about that,” Gibson said. “If we’re white supremacists, why do we have more people of color rolling with us than they do? That’s what I want to understand. All those people dressed in all black, they’re the most whitest (sic) people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Campus Reform also zeroed in on the face-off at the Washington State campus in a Friday report. The conservative website posted video footage taken that shows the scuffles between the black-clad “antifa” demonstrators and the American-flag waving conservatives (see video above).

Riot police had to intervene to separate the two sides. Campus Reform outlined that the “violence ensued…when a member of the Patriot Prayer chapter was attacked by one of the antifa protesters. The attacker was removed by police, but this failed to dissuade another antifa member from assaulting the leader of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, by macing him in the face.”

Gibson also revealed to the conservative website that he supports proposals by Washington State legislators that would end public funding of Evergreen State College.

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