Sixth Grade Teacher Fired After Asking Questions From ‘White Privilege’ Book

White Supremacist in North Dakota Wants to Name Church After ‘God Emperor’ Trump

‘Other People’s’ Baby: What A Mixed-Race Conservative Has To Say to Steve King and His Critics

Dear Journalists: You’ve Got a Major Problem – and It’s Much Bigger Than Donald Trump

Check Out the Hilarious Appeal One Church is Making to Clemson Fans Who Prayed For Win

Former Obama Faith Director: Democratic Party Has ‘A Religious Illiteracy Problem’

New York Times Executive Editor Admits ‘We Don’t Get Religion’

Maher Thanks Trump for Exposing Evangelicals as ‘Shameless Hypocrites’

Don King on What Trump Must Do Before Next Debate: ‘He’s Got to Sit Down and Pray’

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Speaks Out on CNN: ‘He’s a Man Who Loves God’

Gary Johnson Warns ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Are a ‘Black Hole’ That Allow Discrimination

‘Unacceptable’: Hillary Reacts to DNC Emails Discussing Attacks on Bernie’s Religion

WATCH: Arizona Pastor Celebrates the ‘Good News’ Of the Orlando Massacre (UPDATED)

Federal Judge Rules That Worshipping a Flying Spaghetti Monster Is Not a Real Religion

Trump Suggests After Debate He’s Audited Because He’s a ’Strong Christian’

Dickerson to Trump: Why Can’t Pope Question Your Faith But You Can Question Cruz’s?

Heidi Cruz Bizarrely Rants About How Ted Will Show America ‘The Face of God’

Atheist Takes On Rubio Over Whether He’s Trying to Be ‘Pastor in Chief’

Donald Trump to Jake Tapper: ‘I Have a Great Relationship with God’

Poll Finds Fewer Americans Support Religious Freedom for Muslims Than for Christians

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